Rar Repair Tool v.4.0.1

All, you will need to set Rar Repair Tool out to work, is simply locate files that need recovery. Then the program engine takes over. It thoroughly scans each archive and compares its current and original CRC values. The robust rar repair engine of the program allows it to recover rar files wherever it's possible.

Some rar files can "span" multiple disks, but with Rar Repair Tool v.4.0 you can easily recover rar files of any number of volumes. Whatever the number of files is, however big they are, the program's powerful engine ensures their fast and accurate recovery.
Rar Repair Tool key features:

Repairing all versions of both RAR and SFX archives;
Recovery of multi-volume archives;
Ability to fix rar files of any size (4 Gb and more);
Robust recovery engine;
Full automation of recovery process;
Drag&Drop support;
User-friendly interface.



At work with rar files I often have problems.But not so long I found wonderful program-rar.recovery.It recover all my corrupted rar files in two minutes and executed it free of cost.Moreover software could recover information from corrupted archives of the RAR format.

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