Jetico Personal Firewall v2.

Jetico Personal Firewall v2.

Jetico Personal Firewall uses multiple level filtering scheme to provide highest protection level. Jetico Personal Firewall outperformed Zone Alarm, Outpost and other well known products in independent tests.

The Jetico Personal Firewall software allows the user:
- Protect computer from both inbound hackers" attacks from network as well as from unwished network access attempts performed by malicious software.
- Choose a pre-defined Security Policy.
- Edit existing Security Policy.
- Create own Security Policy (i.e. the firewall rule set configuration).
- Monitor running applications that access network.
- Monitor selected/all the network packets as well as selected network events.

Three Layers of Protection
* Low-level. (Network packet filter). This checks the validity of network packets and parameters such as source and destination addresses, protocol, etc. Using this process, Jetico Personal Firewall can make your computer invisible to untrusted networks. By selecting the Optimal Protection Policy, your computer becomes "stealthy". Any security probing tests (for example, ShieldsUp! tests) by internet hackers will report that your computer does not exist.
* Application-level. (Network events filter). This checks and enables you to monitor network/internet connection requests made by applications. If you aren"t sure why an application wishes to send or receive data from the Internet you can limit or block the activity.
* User-level. (Process activity filter). This notifies you of and prevents dirty tricks by Trojans and other malicious programs. A Trojan can inject its own code into programs on your computer and send data about you to a third party. For example, a Trojan in Internet Explorer could transmit details of your browsing preferences.

New Features in Jetico Personal Firewall v.2:
* Jetico Personal Firewall v2 runs as privileged Windows service. It can protect computer before user logon.
* Native support for Windows XP Fast User Switching and Terminal Services.
* Jetico Personal Firewall supports Access Control Lists for all main functions. Administrator can configure ACL to grant access to particular firewall functions for any user or group.
* Windows XP Service Pack 2 Security Center support.

User interface
* Improved rule editing interface.
* New popup message. The new look for popup dialog is presented. Popup message text and rule creation options can be modified.
* Firewall variables formerly controlled by Configuration Wizard, are integrated into main application window.
* Language file support for easy localization. All translatable words and phrases are taken from single UTF-8 encoded text file.

* New XML-based open configuration file format. Detailed documentation is available upon request.
* The new version maintains single protected firewall configuration for all users.
* Simplified controls for configuration.
* New hash handling scheme. Separate table for hash checking.
* Each firewall filtering layer has own root table.
* New automatic variables (per-connection) for local connections are supported.

Firewall rules
* Rules support lists of parameters where possible.
* IP rules support IP address ranges.
* Low level protocol rules support filtering by MAC address.
* Application rules have events for direct and indirect access to network. Indirect access details are also available.
* New module for hash checking created.
* Application, Process attack and Hash checking rules support wildcards in file paths.

Logging subsystem
* Log entries can be associated with rule.
* Firewall can create rule based on log information.
* New WELF-compatible text log format. WELF is supported by many log analyzers.
* Improved log control.

Size: 4 MB


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