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Microsoft® Expression® Studio opens up a new world of creative possibility. Its professional design tools give you the freedom to make your vision real—whether you’re designing for standards-based Web sites, rich desktop experiences, or Silverlight.Microsoft Expression Studio takes your creative possibilities to a new level. The professional design tools and innovative technologies in Expression Studio give you the flexibility and freedom to bring your vision to reality—whether you are designing standards-based Web sites, rich user experiences for the desktop and Silverlight, or managing digital assets and content.If you think and design visually, Expression® Studio is a perfect tool to enable you to create compelling, impactful and expressive designs for the desktop and the web. The visually rich technologies in Silverlight® and .NET offer amazing possibilities to bring your creative ideas to life using a range of design tools purpose built for the task.Expression Web makes creating compliant standards-based Web sites faster and easier. With a state-of-the-art design surface that generates clean CSS, you can make design decisions on the fly, knowing that you're seeing a faithful representation of the final browser-rendered page.

Expression Studio includes:

* Expression Web,
* Expression Blend,
* Expression Design
* Expression Encoder.
* Design tools for Silverlight &. NET

»Expression Web simplifies and accelerates the process of creating standards-based sites. With the latest design environment that generates pure CSS, you can make decisions about development on the fly, knowing that you can see an accurate representation of the final form page in the browser.
»Expression Blend ™ is a tool for developing interactive elements for Silverlight and. NET and allows you to convey the concept of user experiences more precisely, from preliminary layout to the final draft."Models SketchFlow quick and easy to build, and inexpensive, that allows you to create, review and compare several ideas before a final decision.
»Expression Design is a professional design tool for creating graphical content, which can be used in programs for the development of complex Expression Studio: Expression Blend and Expression Web.
»Expression Encoder 3 allows you to use the power of coding, which occupies a leading position in the industry, with a simple and accessible interface that simplifies the process of preparing video material for use in a variety of purposes, including as part of Silverlight on the web.


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