There are some major improvements.
Focusing mainly on the positive sides of the game!!
The ball physics are excellent, much, much better than 09 in my opinion, its moving more realistically.
Player movement, not at all 360 degrees, its infact more like 16/32 way movement. Nore could I see any 360 degree defensive movement.
Much improved crossing, low powerful shots. I can cross to the penalty box now a lot more accurately compared to 09.
The slide tacking is more responsive, that's a really good sign. When I press the button on my Xbox 360 pad it instantly reacted to the button pressed, unlike 09 sometimes there was delay.
The players switching, impressive, I can now switch to whomever I want immediately without having to continuously press the button repeatedly (09 was frustrating in that part).
Penalties, improved, don't know how to describe it. I gave a penalty to my opponent and I can see that when I am the goalie, the camera is facing towards the player, which is another good improvement compared to 09. When I try to save the penalty, it gives you that impression that your the goal keeper!
No more stamina bug!!! Glad that's over.
Super nice menu looks like HD.:DReally like the sound system, the click noise is much nicer.
Loved the fact that after getting sent off with the goal keeper I was able to substitute with any of the player I wanted!!! That's a great improvement, well its a small improvment but an extremely important one though.
In 09 it was different because the CPU setted the keeper to a any defender. But now we can select to make sure that the stronger defenders doesn't turn to the keeper.
Well impressive aerial battles, that's for sure. I can see that the players are battling for the ball moving their bodies from one another, which is a good sign, compared to 09 where they only collided with either.
By the way, no more collision problems!! I may be wrong, but when I played a few matches I did not see any collision problems such as players colliding with each other, which is also a great to see.
Another improvement I see is that the linesmen does point the flag towards the direction, whether a throw in to the opposition or not. That's a good improvement.
When scoring goals also the ball went past like a ground shot, which is something I liked. I can control the power of the shot. The power meter is much better looking, has that graphical appearence of fire when the power meter is full bar.
Great to see that you can score goals through the cross key, not just with the shoot button.
I like the new 3D radar, much better looking than 09. The scoreboard is also better.:)
Improved counter system. There's a display of a clock, something like an alarm clock which is a good thing.

Much better animations than before. Players showing anger at each other when the player makes a poor shot/cross, etc

Graphics, they are better than the screenshots seen, I am playing it on 1920x1200 resolution everything maxed out.



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