Real Desktop 1.21

Real Desktop 1.21

Get the reality on your desktop!
You certainly know, the file queues on your Desktop becomes always longer, daily
new files and you lose slowly the overview. Are you missing the certain order,
feeling of a genuine desk, just the reality?
"Real Desktop" brings back this experience to you again!

Your icons behaving now owing to the high performance physics engine like real
objects which
one you can touch and move, as on a real desk. By this revolutionary new type of
of the Desktop you dip off into a new dimension of full live and exciting
Thus you recover the possibility of designing your personal order in the own
chaos exactly as
in the real life.

Do you have older files on your Desktop, which you would like to put aside for
No Problem! "Mark it, grap it and throw it just in a corner."
Are some files more important than others for you? You have the possibility with
"Real Desktop" to change the (visual) the size of your files. In this way,
files take more place on the desk than the other ones and are thus easier to
find and reach.

A exceedingly special aspect is however the own actualization. You have the
choice between
different background and icon styles. It is particularly interesting that you
can realize your
completely individual Style by own graphics.


> Functionality
-- Change the size of the icons
-- Rotate automatically into normal direction
-- Fade automatically file names in/out
-- Show or hide filenames
-- Drag & Drop

> Running behaviour
-- Multimonitoring Support
-- 3D Sound
-- No performance losses with resting condition of the symbols
-- Very less resources needed
-- Very efficient, thanks to the "Reality Engine"

> Design
-- Reflecting surface
-- Different wastebaskets
-- Different themes are selectable/changeable
-- Icons are reflecting the environment
-- Any desired wallpaper as a picture at the wall, which is shown with
-- Different background and icon styles
-- Own graphics are integrate able
-- Different light directions are selectable
-- Extended lighting attitudes

Install Notes

1. Install
2. Copy the cracked file to install dir
3. Enter "0000000000000000" for serial
4. Enjoy!


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