Battlestations: Pacific (PC)

Battlestations: Pacific (PC)

Battlestations: Pacific Continuation of sensational game Battlestations: Midway develops a theme of war on Pacific ocean, skilfully weaving in a single whole the present sea fight and careful strategic planning. Volleys of heavy ship instruments are carried above sea open spaces, groups of planes without a stop will start from decks of aircraft carriers. Battle of the Navies of contradictory giants, Japan and the USA begins unprecedented hitherto. Americans take advantage of technology, soldiers of the Country of a rising sun lean on the code of the Samurai and ancient traditions. In these breadthes will turn an outcome severe and in many respects dramatic war. Whether the mysticism of the East can on equal resist to a pragmatism of the West? Time Again has come to step into a deck and stories behind itself fighting fleet! Battles will be developed on water, under water and in air. Two campaigns and numerous scripts of the multiuser game for both parties of the conflict will allow to feel to the full participation in great historical events of the Second world war.

Features of a product:
* Two scale historical companies - repeat or change a course of history
* More than 100 sea, underwater and air kinds of combat material
* the New side of realness - Pacific ocean appears in all beauty
* On-line battles - 5 new modes of game and more than 100 scripts

System requirements:
* Operational system Microsoft Windows XP (SP2)/Vista (SP1)
* Processor Pentium of 3 GHz or similar Athlon®
* 1 GB operative memory (2 GB for Windows® Vista)
* 8 GB an empty seat on a hard disk
* the 3D-videoadapter with memory 256 M?, compatible with DirectX® 9.0c (GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon X1800)
* the Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0?
* DirectX® 9.0?
* the Device for reading DVD-disks

Size: 6.57 GB



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