Windows 7 x86 USB Lite

Windows 7 x86 USB Lite

For fans of Seven NNM_CLUB Lite (complete composition) USB version of the aleks200059
"Our response to Chamberlain, so I called this release in response to the assembly site eXPerience which cut everything, from setting the size of 2,46 to Rusik and firewood on the video card I was 2.84, while the happiness I experienced from lack of cutting all of which wanted to see it.
My version of the Lite x86 Seven in which there is no clipping functions and everything in it that small laid, and she has oche compact format, equal to 2.84 from the beginning of the installation.
Made in a ISO image to disk with Acronis and the system that will give you the opportunity to direct productions at both the domestic as well as directly to USB HDD drive.

System requirements:
From the manufacturer (Microsoft)

What made the format and what it does not.

firewood printers, modems, TV tuners and (everything else in place)

No "funny pictures"
Clips, samples of music, video, pictures

Shamelessly cut
Natural language and speech recognition
All languages

As "public enemies" exterminated
SQM (data used in Microsoft software)
Security Center (Teschin language "Reported enabled)
Error (Sami will understand)
Indexing Service and Search Windows (strongly inhibits then to quickly find)

Completely renovated Index COMMUNICATION WINSXS c DISPOSAL DOUBLE and replaced them with CONTAINERS LINKS.

The result - the size of the installation of 2.84 giga which is not a wood at all is small, languages are also spoken there if you need them.

The very image of the system with avtoaktivatsiey from m0nkrus.
I made a preset for optimizing the system and installation
have almost optimal ratio of consumption of resources with a gain of about 20% of the original in full.

In addition to this in the folder you gave Servis "surprises"
1, CleverCache - set mandatory. Optimizing memory machine (the settings do not have) with increasing speed by 2 times
2, Windows 7 Manager - put and donastraivaem your system as you want (Kettle set up - is available) through it you will see that I had already changed for you "by default" - hopefully not too far, did not like the switch - nothing is removed from service .
3, eBoostr (replacement swap and work through a virtual memory, overclocking up to 40 times.)

Size: 1.6 GB



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