Black Mirror 2

Black Mirror 2

Black Mirror 2 - continuation of the famous game, known in Russia as "Black Mirror". The new project is developing a German studio Cranberry, in the past - 4Head Studios. The game takes us in the nineties of last century. After the events of "Black Mirror" was 12 years. A solitary young man named Darren - the hero of the second part of the game - get acquainted with the nice girl Angelina. They met by chance in a photo studio in a small town in New England. Noticing that for Angelina who was being followed, the hero decides to find out what happens ..

Game Title: Black Mirror 2
Developer: (c) dtp Entertainment AG
Language: German
Game Type: Adventure
Release Date: 09/09
Disc(s): 1 DVD
Protection: ProtectDisc SDK



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