Micro XP 0.82 (Portable)

Micro XP 0.82 (Portable)

This is not a Live CD or USB image. It’s completely portable that you do not require a reboot or cd burning and just run directly from within your windows operating system.

It was created using one of the fastest and slimmest versions of xp ever created by eXperience which is Micro XP 0.82. It has all the benefits of xp sp3 with added patches and security add-ons.

How to run?

Just extract after download
browse through the directory created and click windowsxp.bat.

To transfer file(s):
Share any folder on your current os and also check the option to write files on it.
In the portable version of xp, open explorer and type in the address bar
\\\”shared folder name” - (without quotes)

Some benefits:

1. test any software before you decide to install in your real OS.
2. Virus proof as long as you disable folder sharing.
3. run any apps that runs only on xp(assuming you use vista as your primary OS)


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