Xara Xtreme Pro

Xara Xtreme Pro

I have used this method before with other editions of Xara Extreme without fail. On a fresh OS install, I tested this same method three times using XP Pro Sp3 and with each, advanced system date by two years, reboot, opened program, no problems. Between each install I removed the program fully, including manual deletion of system and registration entries. I did this to verify that it still worked. As with many programs that do not allow for the disabling of "check for updates" and similar features, you should actively block the program from connecting to the internet with your firewall or simply not allow the connection. I have not seen where it has tried, just a general rule. This is a much improved and smoother version of Xara Extreme Pro 5 over version 4, with added/expanded OPTIONS features and after using it extensively, have found no bugs or problems; ie, no need for updating. I have also used this method with XP Pro Sp2 and an older edition of Xara.


Steps to install are easy. I just went into detail with images for those that have never used their Windows Explorer program or set it up to see file extensions for editing, etc.

Password protected .rar includes the install instructions. images, xaraxtremepro5dl***** v5.1.0.9131 original install file from Xara untouched, and fixed Xtreme***** file.

[*]Open Windows Explorer (Start|Programs|Accessories)
[*]Click on Tools|Folder Options in WE

[*]Put a check in "Show hidden files and folders"
[*]Uncheck "Hide extensions for known filetypes"

[*]Install Xara Extreme Pro 5
[*]Use this exact name when registering, no "H" and only one space between first and last name: Jon Doe
[*]You must run program at least once, simply put a check in Trial box and hit continue, etc.

[*]Close program and return to Windows Explorer
[*]Navigate/click to where you saved/unrar'd the download
[*]Right click and COPY the included file: Xtreme*****
[*]Using the folder view on the left, navigate/click to: or copy/paste into address bar and click ENTER
[*]XP users: C:\Program Files\Xara\Xara Xtreme Pro 5
[*]Windows 7 users: C:\Program Files (x86)\Xara\Xara Xtreme Pro 5
[*]Scroll down and find the file: Xtreme*****

[*]Right click and select RENAME, putting your cursor to after the extension or use right arrow key
[*]Rename to: Xtreme*****.old or you can simply delete the file
[*]Click anywhere on WE's page, right click and select PASTE
[*]Your new Xtreme***** file will be added
[*]Open Xara Extreme Pro 5, click on Help|About and verify it says licensed to "Jon Doe"


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