Type light 2.2.021

Type light 2.2.021

OpenType font editor and typeface designer
With Type light 2.2 you can create, edit, or convert OpenType TrueType (.ttf) fonts and OpenType PostScript (.otf) fonts. Type light 2.2 supports a basic toolbox of drawing tools and can open fonts containing up to 65535 glyphs (characters).

Give Type light a try and see just how useful it can be for you!

Here are some key features of "Type light":

· Convert between OpenType TrueType and OpenType PostScript fonts.
· Edit glyphs as TrueType or as standard PostScript curves.
· Create and edit fonts containing up to 65535 glyphs.
· Map glyphs to any of 65536 unicode characters.
· Input OpenType metrics, names and parameters.
· Refer to an easy to read, colour PDF manual.


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