Memory Improve Master

Memory Improve Master

Memory Improve Master is a professional and comprehensive utility designed to help you monitor and improve your system's memory. It frees up and compresses system memory to make processes run faster and crash less often.Powerful features include the ability to view and monitor data of RAM memory, paging file usage and CPU usage in real time, set parameters RAM optimization, display running processes on you PC, etc.

Memory Improve Master improves computer's performance by freeing memory. The software helps you, when:
  • Your computer runs slowly
  • You want to optimize memory
  • Computer crashes too frequently
  • No available memory sources in your system disk space.

  • Run in background and optimize memory periodically.
  • Learn user's habit automatically by intelligent learning module.
  • Free up memory immediately.
  • Compress memory to reclaim more available space.
  • Tune up and speed up the system performance.
  • Manage processes running on your computer


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