Salaat Time 2.0

Salaat Time 2.0

Salaat Time is a multi-function Islamic application that calculates the prescribed five daily Muslim prayer times, as well as graphical Qiblah direction for anywhere in the world. It includes a full-month perpetual Hijri-Gregorian calendar with complete forward/backward navigation which highlights important Islamic dates and moon phases. Salaat Time rests in the system tray and at the prescribed times the Athan sounds and/or displays visual alerts. Other features: very easy to use; selecting from a variety of included Athans or using your own custom file or custom folder; setting a different Athan at each prayer or using random mode; discreet visual alerts such as balloon tips, tray flash; recitations from the Quran of selected Ayaat and Suras; optional before and after Prayer reminders; dynamic graphical interface for time until next prayer; exporting/printing monthly prayer times; Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) support.


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