Powderfinger - Golden Rule (Deluxe Edition) (2009)

Powderfinger - Golden Rule (Deluxe Edition) (2009)

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This deluxe edition also includes a second disc containing 9 live acoustic tracks.
Powderfinger are a rock band from Brisbane, Australia. The band formed in Brisbane in 1989. The current band members are Bernard Fanning (vocals, guitars and keys), Darren Middleton (guitars and vocals), Ian Haug (guitars and vocals), John Collins (bass and vocals) and Jon Coghill (drums).[cut]
Golden Rule is the seventh studio album by Powderfinger. Powderfinger commenced writing in January 2009 and gave themselves a tight deadline in which to come up with the new songs before working once more with friend and producer extraordinaire Nick DiDia (Neil Young, Pearl Jam). After making all of their previous albums far from home they decided this time to record at Studio 301 in Byron Bay, and mix at Studio 301 in Sydney. DiDia has previously worked on the hugely successful Powderfinger albums 'Vulture Street', 'Odyssey Number Five' and 'Internationalist'. Musically, this album is a departure from Powderfinger's signature sound - whilst still maintaining their knack for producing classic rock songs - unusual instrumentation, dramatic angular structures and dissonant strings nestle between harder riffs and experimental harmonies. There is a sense of adventure on this album that is mostly a step in a new direction, but simultaneously a deferent nod to the past.

Track Listing

Disc 1

01 El Camino de la Muerte
02 All Of The Dreamers
03 Burn Your Name
04 A Fight About Money
05 Sail The Wildest Stretch
06 Poison In Your Mind
07 Iberian Dream
08 Jewel
09 Think It Over
10 Awake
11 Stand Yourself
12 Golden Rule

Disc 2

01 Waiting For The Sun
02 My Kind Of Scene
03 Nobody Sees
04 Sweetlip
05 Bless My Soul
06 Lost And Running
07 JC
08 Trading Places
09 These Days


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