Heavy Gear 2 (PC)

Heavy Gear 2 (PC)

Heavy Gear II is built on an entirely new graphics engine, called Dark Side. It's very impressive, with detailed, heavily articulated gears and vehicles, natural-looking fauna, vivid landscapes ranging from forests to Martian-like craterscapes, weather, and smoke and dust effects. There's plenty of variety here - you'll fight in desert canyons, forests, caverns, and even deep space. The game requires a Direct3D-capable graphics card, and graphics performance overall is very good, with only occasional slowdowns in the middle of big firefights with lots of explosions going on or zoom targeting active. Sound effects are equally impressive, from the movement of your gear to explosions to combat chatter. With only a couple of exceptions, the voice acting is quite convincing. 

Minimum System Requirements:

P166, 3-D hardware accelerator required, 64MB Ram, 500MB hard drive


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