QuickTime Pro

QuickTime Pro

QuickTime - this is many times the award-winning software from Apple for playing digital media on your computer. The program gives you the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of media: video, graphics, music, sound, sprites, panoramas of virtual reality, animation and content from the Internet mtools codecs for video playback as a proprietary format (QT, and MOV), and other common media formats. Supported including MP3, AVI, AVR, MPEG (including MPEG-4), AAC Audio, Flash ..

Five Reasons to Go Pro
1. Create video using the Web's premier codec: H.264
2. Record audio for producing podcasts
3. Creating Video for iPod
4. New full-screen controls
5. Save movies from various formats

QuickTime 7 Pro offers users not only the remarkable functions QuickTime-player, but also following new functions

QuickTime Pro:
* Create video H.264. Stunning quality video at any speed transfer of data: from 3G (for mobile devices) to HD (high definition video).
* Record audio. Deliver capture audio and easily create podcasts, or text that accompanies the slideshow.
* Create a video for iPhone, iPod and Apple TV. With QuickTime Pro, you can easily convert your existing collection of movies or video podcast format, allowing them to play on iPhone, iPod and Apple TV.
* Create audio with surround sound. You can be the creator of these masterpieces in the field of multimedia, adding to the films multichannel audio material. QuickTime automatically mixes the audio material to work with speakers of each user.
* Exporting multiple files. You have the possibility of the simultaneous export of several files. There is no need to stop playback or editing film.
* Improved movie authoring. Edit movies is now much easier thanks to new combinations of keys to accommodate the start and end points. In addition to this, the properties of films in QuickTime completely redesigned to provide a simpler and more productive authoring.
* Mode is constant quality AAC. In addition to the existing regime of constant bitrate, QuickTime 7 Pro allows you to create audio files, AAC, optimized to maintain consistently high quality plays.
* The flow 3G. Create files 3G for flow RTSP (real-time streaming protocol), which are supported portable devices, the flow of 3G technologies and delivery of the signal.
* Automation using VB Script. Automate your QuickTime workflow with the help of support VB Script in QuickTime 7. VB Script can also be used by developers for obtaining the recently developed control QuickTime Active X for creating custom multimedia programs.


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