No One - "The Pre Substance"

No One - "The Pre Substance"


01) Intro (Prod By Dae One)
02) Liquid Sound (Feat Shy But Flyy) (Prod By Dae One)
03) Turnt Up (Feat Geo Brown) (Prod Bya Kristo)
04) All That (Prod By Dae One)
05) Rock 2 Da Beat (Prod By J Dilla)
06) When You See Me (Prod By Dae One)
07) Keep On (Feat Kes) (Prod By Oh-No)
08) Not Able To Do It (Prod By Dae One)
09) How Does It Feel (Feat Chevy Jones) (Prod By King Karnov)
10) Unfaithful (Feat AP) (Prod By Willie Brown)
11) Outside With It (Feat Balance) (Prod By Dae One)
12) Outstanding (Feat Killa Krock & Alori Joh) (Prod By Dae One)
13) Be Careful (Feat Mitchy Slick & Chevy Jones) (Prod By THX)
14) We Do It (Prod By Black Milk)
15) Anyway (Feat Marliek) (Prod By Wille Brown)
16) My Swagg (Prod By JRK)
17) Microphone Murder (Feat Taje, Indef & Ace) (Prod By Dae One)


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